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Listen to the toads

The American Toads were calling loudly at the amphibian breeding pond on several recent warm evenings. Listen to the calls recorded on April 16, 2002, in Brooklin.

Volunteers doing the butterfly count at the trail. NABA Butterfly Count 2001

In conjunction with other groups from thoughout Canada, the United States, and Mexico, volunteers counted butterflies at the Brooklin Lions Wilderness Trail in June, 2001, as part of the annual butterfly census of the North American Butterfly Association. The results were very encouraging. Read all about it >>

Guided walks in 2001 introduced new people to the trail

Tour group on June 9, 2001 Guided tours were offered on four Saturdays in the Spring of 2001. If your group would like to go on a tour contact John Hulley to arrange one. You can also guide yourself using the Trail Guide available online. Park at the Brooklin Arena parking lot and walk around the tennis courts and skateboard area behind the arena to find the start of the path. See the introduction page for a map. Give it a try! The trail is not strenuous at all and you can walk it in ordinary street shoes. We know you'll want to come back regularly for some easy, healthy exercise and appreciation of nature.

Online "virtual walk"

We also have an illustrated online photographic tour now on the web site. Join photographer Neil Wick on his May 24, 2001, walk without leaving your computer. Watch for more "virtual tours", coming soon.

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