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Introduction to the Trail

The Brooklin District Lions Club has developped an environmentally-friendly trail in partnership with the Canada Millennium Partnership Program and the Town of Whitby. As this is part of Brooklin's Millennium celebrations, the Lions Club has invited participation by other groups within the community. Map of approximate trail route (in green) This has broadened the support base for the three basic concepts that the club sees as central to this Wilderness Trail.

Central Concepts

  1. Accessible - the trail's route and surface is wheelchair-friendly to encourage use by everyone.
  2. Environmentally correct - locally-evolved plants are being encouraged through environmental rehabilitation and this will better support local wildlife.
  3. Educational - an explanatory educational component will encourage the kids in our local schools, their families, and the members of the local council to recognize that a healthy population is best served by a healthy environment.

The Brooklin Lions Wilderness Trail commemorates the arrival of the new millennium by reminding Brooklin's expanding community that everyone's health is best served by living in, and sharing with, an ecologically-correct biodiverse environment.

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